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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Blessings......

  When we were in Costa Rica we had talked to Josiah about having his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We had thought about the fact that this would be his last birthday in the states for a very long time and we wanted him to be able to remember it. Well, at least the best he could for a 3 year old. We asked him what kind of party he wanted....meaning what kind of cake...? He went back and forth between Scooby-Doo and Spider-Man. He finally settled for Scooby. The last 2 months or so of our stay in Costa Rica, all he could talk about was his "Scooby-Doo" party and everyone he saw he invited. It was really sweet. He was at the age where he really baby is growing up. We decided to have his birthday party on Monday instead of Thursday so that family and friends could attend. Not all of our family was able to be there but they were there in our hearts. He was so excited about the whole evening and you could see that on his face and in his eyes. If you know anything about Chuck E. Cheese you know that...that place can be a mad house of parents and kids running around. However, Monday night it was nice and peaceful and we were the only big party there. Way off to the side was a small family party of about 6 people or so and well there were not many other people in the building. We had a run of the whole place.

We were also able to have Karla attend the party. She is the young lady from Honduras that will be helping us after she trains and studies here in the states. She started talking to me in Spanish and we chatted back and forth. Our hostess started to talk to me and asked me about Spanish. She was actually from Nicaragua. So, we talked about our time in Costa Rica and how we had visited her home country. It was a blessing and she was so sweet to Josiah. She loaded him up with extra tickets.

After the party it was time to pay. Mark started to carry the gifts to the car and I was left to pay. I was surprised with yet another blessing. Someone had paid for Josiah's party. The Lord never ceases to amaze me at how he works through others to give out blessings. Words can not express how many blessings that we have received just in the past few months. From little things like a sweet lady at the airport paying for one of those luggage carts, to a many who have purchased things off of the 2 Wish Lists for the children's Home. Not only has God provided for Josiah to have a wonderful state-side birthday but he he uses people that we have met along the way on our journey. We don't know who ALL have blessed us because many have chosen to stay silent....however....Dios Sabe!!!! God Knows!! and We pray that HE BLESSES YOU as MUCH as WE have BEEN BLESSED BY YOU.......

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  1. Dear Amy and Mark - - first I have not forgoteen you - Tax time - then you guys. When you and the family look in the mirror - you will see an amazing gift from God that touches my heart with every e-mail, FB or blog. As many things as God has given you - - know that you have given me so much more. I sent a hug, a smile and some NC lovin' to you all !! God Bless the work you do - for US the george