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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Home at Hope.............

Ms. Becky & Josiah
  Thursday, we were able to see all the kids and staff here at Hope that we have not seen since we left for Costa Rica, almost a year ago. It was so exciting to see how the kids have grown and changed within that year. We visited with a few of the staff early that morning. Then we headed off to the Sheriff's Office here in Tampa so that Mark, Taylor and myself could have our fingerprints done in order to receive a background check for our residency in Honduras. Please help us by praying that this papers are processed rapidly and that we can send them to phase 2, which is the getting them sealed with the Secretary of State. Once we receive these papers back we can head to the Embassy in Miami. 

Karla & Ms. Chris

That afternoon we were able to go out to eat with our directors here and Karla. Karla is from Honduras and will be our assistant once she finishes English classes and training here in Tampa. It was so encouraging to know that we could actually talk to her in Spanish...and better yet, we understood her and she understood us.

After dinner we headed back to the boys dorm where all the kids and staff had planned a "WELCOME HOME" party for us.    It was so nice to be able to hug and fellowship with them all.....We were also able to see our friends from back home Kim and Jeff Huff who are now in full-time ministry as house parents here at Hope. God is so Good. It is truly amazing at how he uses us and leads us along the way.

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  1. WOW - each step is like a new beginning - - so you will be at a whole new place doing God's work in a whole new way - - love reading the step be step - - sending love and prayers !!! the george