Team Honduras

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Karla........

  Many of you may have read that we have a young lady from Honduras training here in Tampa. Her name is Karla. Karla lives with her mom and dad and 2 brothers in El Progresso, Honduras. She was born on June 28th and is 20 years old. She has lived in El Progresso her entire life. Karla started to attend "El Faro" in 2006 but become a faithful member in 2008. I asked Karla if she remembered when she accepted Christ as her Savior and she said "yes, it was June 14, 2006.

Some of her ministries in the church included helping to keep it clean and working with the children. She said that she really loves working with the kids. When the need came about for helper in Honduras she said she knew it would be a great opportunity. However, she wanted to pray about it and see where God would lead. She said after she prayed "HE" opened all the doors for her. She is very excited about the future.

I asked her what were her hopes for the children's home in Honduras, she replied with this :
1) she wanted them to learn about the Bible and to change and grow Spiritual
2) she wanted them to learn the right ways to live and not to get involved in gangs like many young people in Honduras.
3) that the home would take care of their physical needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Karla has been in the states for 2 months now and has never been outside of Honduras until she came here. So, I asked her what her first impression was when entering the states. Her response was this, " the states are very fast....everyone is always in a hurry." Wow! do we even realize that this is how others see us as Americans?  I can say that from living in Costa Rica, everyone here lives a very fast paced life and food included in that.

  I then asked her what where some of her favorite things about living in the states. Karla responded with "I Love TACO BELL and MT. funny is that. But neither of those two things are available in Honduras.

Karla asked that you keep the following prayer requests in mind when praying for her:

Prayer Requests:
That she can learn English well and quickly
Pray for her family in Honduras
For Hope of Honduras and the construction of the cottage
For the church in Honduras
For the Pastors of "El Faro" and their families

Karla is a sweet young lady and we have enjoyed getting to know her and practice our Spanish. We have a long way to go but with God's  help nothing is impossible. Also, it is funny to see how Karla has already picked up on some of the American humor of what we call "picking". She is a joy to be around and we look forward Please help us by praying for her and for our family as we prepare to leave for Honduras. to when her studies are complete and she can help us in Honduras.


  1. Hey Amy,
    Praying for your new co-laborer!

    You can find Mountain Dew in Guaimaca (some maps spell it Guaymaca) at one of the minnonite tiendas/restaurants there. They keep plenty of it.

  2. Amy - Karla sounds like the perfect fit. Her and I have two things in common too - Taco Bell and "the DEW" - - isn't it sooooo cool how the Lord works. Know that I don't need to start a prayer but keep praying that the Lord paves your path with HIS glory and gifts - - KEEP A SMILE
    the george