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Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 weeks here and going strong....... is so hard to sit and think that we have only been in El Progresso for 2 weeks and 1 day. We have been running since we arrived. We have been attending our new church which is a huge part of our ministry here as well as just learning the ropes of living in a new country.

Last week we were able to go and pick out lighting and tiles for the house. We were also able to meet with the man that will be making all of our wood doors and sign a contract with him as well as the man who will be working on putting in the windows. It is so AMAZING at how this cottage is coming together. God is AWESOME and worthy to be PRAISED.
Hunter working the machete

Mark, chopping away.....
This week we have met with Alexis...which Mark does on a daily basis to talk about other areas of the cottage. We also went and talked with a very kind business man named Jose from our church to talk about other things that we will need for the cottage. We needed some machetes to help cut the weeds/grass at the property. Mark and Hunter went out and began chopping it by hand.....hard work for sure. I have included a picture for you to see.
generator at
Yesterday, we had a day pretty much full of rain. It was nice as it kept the day kind of cool. We were suppose to Skype with Hilltop's AWANA's group but 10 minutes before we were suppose to connect we lost power. We have learned that having a generator will be a must. Just like in Costa Rica, you are never sure when you will lose power or water so it is very important to always be prepared.

Today, we went with Jose and another gentleman from the church and job site to pick out all of the door knobs, locks, hinges as well as tubs, toilets, sinks, and other things for the house. We are so excited that things are continuing to run smoothly here and things are starting to really come together. The men are having to build the truss frames by hand and then prime them. So, this is a process but they are doing a great job. Hopefully, by the end of next week or so they can start to put up the roof. Please continue to pray for good working weather as well as funds and the furnishings that we will need to complete the home. We are so excited and can not wait to show you the building once it has been completed.. Much love to you all.

You can see the difference in the primed side and the other side

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  1. Its about time Mark is finally doing some hard work :)