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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Mother's Day Special Event

Sunday was a special day here in Honduras as well as many other places all over the world where we celebrated the lives of all mothers. This was our first holiday here in Honduras but  definitely not our last. We were able to call and speak with our mom's and let them know how much we appreciate them and love them for their godly example.

We had a wonderful service on Sunday morning with a ton of mother's present in the service. Pastor Matt, presented the ladies and the men with a wonderful message from God's word about how important it is to be a godly example and how that you can accomplish that goal. First, off he made it clear that you need Christ in your life to be able to effectively be a godly example for your family and for others.

Jenny & Angie
After church on Sunday morning we began to decorate for the "Mother/Daughter Banquet" that we were having that night in honor of Mother's Day. We had a wonderful turn-out and many ladies came with their daughter's and other family members. However, there were a few that came with friends because their moms were either not present in their lives or they were not around. I began to think about how "Mother's Day" would be for next year.

Taylor and I sat at a table with 3 other ladies and their children. Next year, it might just be Taylor and I along with many little girls from the Hope of Honduras Children's Home. How exciting it will be to be able to share such a sweet and special time with them. It is so amazing to see and to think that we are getting closer and closer everyday to having children in the home. Please help us pray that after Micah is born we will begin the process of learning all that we need to know to be able to accept the first child in the home once the cottage is complete.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, and we hope that ALL of our friends, supporters and followers who are mother's had a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY......You are all special and God has given you all a special role in raising up the children his has put in your care.
All the Mothers that attended the Banquet

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  1. Wow, how awesome that must have been! And even more so next year as you begin to add young lives to your family unit! Que Bonita!