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Thursday, May 19, 2011

From a Mother's Heart.........

I write this blog from my heart, the heart of a mother. One week ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. God entrusted us with this wonderful human being that is so dependent on both Mark and I for his every need. He can not feed himself, change his little diaper, or even really communicate his needs other than with a soft cry. As, I sit here and admire my little bundle of joy, tears also begin to fill my eyes. I sit here and think about the mother's here in Honduras who may not be able to provide for their little ones. How they long to be able to give them a better life but can not. I think of the many mother's who are forced to give their babies and children to other family members or even friends to take care of and raise so that they can go out and find work. Then you have those that are lucky enough to stay with their parents but are forced to work to help provide for the family. They start the cycle all over again. This is a cycle that seems to never end. A young girl has a child, they grow up in poverty, they are walking the streets looking for work or picking up plastic bottles to take and sell to recyclers.

These children will never know a different way of life, for many they will never get to experience the days that we as parents long for...for our children. Those days include shopping for school supplies for the first day of school. It may also include something as simple as having a birthday party. My momma was always big on celebrating the holidays for myself and brother and sisters. Whenever, there was a holiday with the exception of Halloween we always had a gift of goodies. My momma made an impact on my life in that way that I try really hard to do the same for my children. I love to have parties for my kids and celebrate their birthday each year. However, I look at some birthday parties that my friends have given their children in recent days and even the party that we gave Josiah and think about how the kids here in Honduras might not even have such a grand celebration on their wedding day. I am saying all of this to say that the days are approaching for us to provide a loving home for some of the children of Honduras. Mark and I need you to pray that God will lead us to the right people to help us start the process of taking in children.

We also ask that you help us pray that the hearts of the government officials will be softened and we will have no problems starting the process. Another very important request is that God will make it very clear and give us wisdom in electing and placing the first 12 children in our care. There are so many children that need help but God knows that there are 12 who desperately need to be in the home. This is from my heart the heart of a mother. God has paved the way for us to get here and now the road is getting shorter and shorter. The days to come will be a challenge for us. We will begin the process of many meeting and trying to make our contacts. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless you ALL.

We are also in need of many items to help complete the home please take the time to check out the        Wal-Mart wish list and prayerfully consider helping the children of Honduras.

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