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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's the Little Things.......

The days here have been very busy and we hardly seem to have a break. There is much to do and lots to help oversee with the building not to mention having a new baby. However, we were excited to receive Christmas in May here. Hilltop Church in Fuquay sent us care packages with little things from home that we can not get here in Honduras. Some things we might be able to get but they are very expensive. It was such a special time for our family as we began to unpack and sort through the boxes. We discovered tons of "TO GO" drink packets for our water bottles, along with Lance Cracker's, muffin mix, Mrs. Dash, Taco seasoning and so much more. Each box contained a new surprise for us and we were all so excited especially with the chocolate and the "PEEPS". We will savor each bite.

Then Mark and I began to talk about the men that are working on the property to help build our new home/cottage for Hope of Honduras. We also thought about how hot it has been here lately. The temperature has been in the high 90's and the heat index at times feels like 118 degrees. These 15-20+ men work out in the heat everyday except for Sunday's. The work is so different than the work that men in the states would do. Meaning this.....they do not use all the modern equipment that we have in the states. Almost all things are done by hand; digging ditches, mixing concrete, even using a machete to cut the tin for the roof. It is a long hard, hot day for these men and most drink the water from the spicket, which we don't do here. We thought that it would be nice if we treated these men with lunch. So, today we went and bought pizza, watermelon and gallons of fresh cold water. They all came in and sat down on benches made of wood and cement blocks. It's the little things that we sometimes take for cold, clean and fresh water. They were very excited and grateful for a hot lunch and nice fresh ice cold water. Most of all they were just excited and grateful to be able to be working on our home. They are making so much progress and it will not be long now. They were working on placing the tiles in the bathrooms along with placing the tiles in the kitchen. (You can check out more pictures on my Facebook page) God is so AWESOME and it will not be long now. Please help us to continue to be a godly influence on the men working on the home and that they will know that the little things are worth sharing with others.

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