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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lemonade Anyone?

Back when we lived in North Carolina I had the pleasure of getting to know a sweet family through teaching at Hilltop. I had their son Michael in my class and his sister Mariah was a grade ahead. We have kept contact with them as our journey has taken us to Florida to train, Costa Rica to learn Spanish and our final destination Honduras. Their mom sent me the sweetest email today. She had told me how Mariah and her friend Crosby had decided to make their very own "Lemonade Stand". This was not just a summer time stand to have some extra change, this girls had a plan. They had made a lemonade stand to help the children of Honduras. Jessica, Mariah's mom asked "How much are you going to charge per cup?" They replied, with $1.50 it is organic lemonade. So, these sweet two little girls who live in an area with not much traffic  managed to earn $7 for the children of Honduras. They told each person that purchased a cup what the money was for. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my hear knowing that even children want to help children. We pray that GOD will multiply their $7  7x7. After all (7) is God's perfect number. I have posted pictures of the girls and their efforts to help the childrens home.

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