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Monday, July 25, 2011

Never Be Afraid to Be Used By GOD.....

  Since we have been living in Honduras we have had the pleasure of driving past the public hospital daily. (since it is right beside our rental house) The maternity ward is also on the side street that our house is actually on. We were blessed with tons of little outfits for Micah and truth is...he will never be able to wear them all before he out grows them and we had some duplicates of others. So, I seperated them and placed a few in a bag. I even put them in my car and took them out again many times hoping that I could share them with someone. I had even thought about walking up there but how would I decide who gets them.....being that there are always 3-5 women sitting on the bench outside.

Earlier this week Mark was giving our family devotion, in that devotion he was talking about being kind one to another. We talked about how we can reach people with Christ if we show kindness. That night I prayed that God would put someone in my path that I could reach out to and help. Never, ask God to do something if you are not truely willing to follow through because HE will in fact answer your request.

the road to our house
  On Thursday we came home and as we were pulling into the gate we saw a young lady with child walking down the street. I quickly ran in the house to get the bag of clothes. I started to talk to her and asked her what her name was. She replied,  Catherine. She was walking with her mom. I then asked her if she was having a boy or a girl and she said it was a BOY....wahoo...I was able to share with her a few baby boy items.

Later that day she walked back down the small dusty road to our house with her mom. You could tell that she was wore out and in a ton of pain. Her mom asked if she could possibly take a shower to cool off. You see here the women have to wait outside on a bench until they are dilated so much and then they will be placed in a room...also they do not get to reap the benefits of pain medication here...totally natural childbirth.  I thought to myself....hmmm I just had a baby and while I had a c-section I still was able to be in a hospital room with a bed. If that were me, I would hope that someone would at least allow me to use their restroom. So, I led her in to the shower and gave her a clean towel. She came out clean and refreshed to walk her way back up to the waiting bench, but not before her mom reached in her purse and extended 50 limps for her daughter's shower. I pushed her hand away and replied that there was no need to pay for that shower. She again tried to hand it to me. (by the way 50 limps is half of what the people here make in 1 that was a whole $2.50) (the average person only makes $5 a day here). I merely, expressed that it was my pleasure and that one day another lady or person may need their help and they could lend their services or that 50 limps to them.
We chatted a few more minutes with smiles of gratefulness on each of their faces. Again the mom asked how she could repay me for my kindness so I replied with this....after Catherine is well you will have to bring that baby boy by so that I can see him.  Well, at  around 9 on Friday evening a handsome baby boy named Isaac weighing 8 lbs was born. His momma (Catherine) were at my front gate knocking at 8:45 Saturday morning..not even 12 hours later. She was so excited to be able to share her little one with me. He was a cute little guy with a head full of black hair. They turned to walk away and I expressed that I wanted to give them a ride home( they didnt live to far from us). So, I packed them in my car. That day I was able to express love and kindness not only to Catherine and her little baby, but her mom, aunt and brother. When we arrived at their little white house her mom ran inside. The next thing I know her grandma came out to greet me and tell me how grateful she was that I had helped her. She said that she would be thinking of Mark and I and praying for our ministry. Then as an expression of love and friendliness, she kissed me on the cheek, and this was followed by the same actions from Catherine and her mom and aunt. God placed Catherine in my path along with her family members. I was able to invite them all to church. Please pray that just like Elsie a seed was planted and God will mature it.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a picture of Isaac and share with you all. (by the way this young girl is only 17 years old). Please pray that we can be a good influence in her life.

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