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Friday, July 29, 2011

What keeps you from attending church?

   Today I had a very nice visit with Elsie and her mom. Talking with them today sparked the idea for tonight's blog. Since, this is summertime and the time of year where church attendance is down, I ask you the question...."What keeps YOU from attending church"? Ponder on that thought while I tell you about our visit. For the past two Sundays Elsie has been attending our church, and it is awesome to see how excited she is when she is there. However, her mom has not attended any services as of yet. I asked my friend Gabby(from our church) if she would go with me to visit them, and to help me out in my speaking. We pulled up to Elsie's house where there seemed to be 2 other ladies. It is not uncommon for other religious groups to visit as well and teach incorrect doctrine or doctrine that is contrary to the WORD of GOD. Because the people are so hungry for the answers and hope they are easily persuaded. It is scary and is a major reason why we need good bible believing, preaching churches on the field here. Elsie came running to our car and I asked her what she was doing? She said that they were teaching her to read and to write but with a specific book. Her mom came over to the car and I explained that we wanted to stop and visit but we would come back in a few minutes. So,we drove around the block and waited for the ladies to leave before we got out.

  Once we returned Maria(Elsie's mom) asked the two ladies to leave. She greeted us and pointed us to a shady area under a tree where there sat two plastic chairs and a hammock. We sat down and began to talk. I began to talk about how excited we were that Elsie had been attending church. We talked about how many children she had and who all lived with her in her little home. (by the way...she also informed me that SHE built it all by herself).  Elsie does have 11 brothers and sisters however she is the youngest of them all. In her little home she lives with her mom and her mom's boyfriend.

I knew that Elsie did not attend school, so I asked her mom about it. She said she was not sure but the school would not allow her to attend. So, Elsie only has a 2nd grade education. I explained to her that in the states I was a teacher and I was willing to help her with her reading and writing. I also explained to her the importance of a good education. I then began to explain to her mom why Mark and I had moved to Honduras. She just smiled. When our friends Dave and Laurie were here they told me that during the service Elsie looked as if she had trouble with her "beautiful green eyes". I asked her mom about it and she said that she in fact did have a problem and needed glasses but she could not afford to buy them. I explained to her that if Mark and I could take her to the doctor to see how much glasses were could we take her. She smiled and exclaimed, yes that would be wonderful. We plan on taking her one day this coming week, hopefully on Monday. Please pray that we will be able to get her the glasses that she needs.

While we were talking I wanted her to know that we cared about her well-being just as much as Elsie's. We talked about the gift of salvation that the Lord has given all of us, if we only receive it. She knodded her head as to agree but never actually gave a firm answer. Please pray for her. I then asked her if she would attend Sunday's service. She began to explain why she has not attended. It is not because she has to work, or she is on vacation, or wants to go to the lake for the day. It is not because she is sick, or her car is broke down, it is not because she has a headache or a sporting event is coming on.......(have any of you said any of these before.....???????? 

    Well, I know you have never said her reason.....she sweetly replied, I do not have a door to my house. If I leave, she said, I will be robbed. I can never leave my property unattended or kids and others will come and take the few things that I have. How sad it is that she can not attend church....because she has NO DOOR to protect her belongings. Please pray that some how it will work out that she can have some kind of door put on her home so she can attend chuch.

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