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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take Another Sip.....a follow up blog

    Recently, I posted a blog about two little girls and their sweet efforts to help the children of Honduras. They made signs and pitchers of lemonade to help raise money for the cottage. While they worked very hard to sell their lemonade they made $7. I am sure that to some it is little but grateful that God can use any amount, any talent, and any person to fullfil HIS work. God is true to HIS promise about taking care of his people and blessing the fruits of their labor. I can say that I know this for a fact. I have seen God's hand of provision many times since we took the step to become missionaries. Today, I want to share with you to keep the faith and run the coarse because your work is not in vain.....Miriah and Crosby...the Lord has seen your gift and your heart and HE has placed it on someone else's heart to help increase the fruits of your labor. A few days after I posted the blog about the lemonade stand I received an email from a lady whom I have never met. She said that her boss was touched by the girls hearts to give to others and serve the Lord at such a young age. In fact he has multiplied the gift by 70. God will never cease to amaze me at how he puts people in your path when you need them. It is so comforting to know also how those people move and respond by giving or helping when God presses on their hearts. Since we have been on the field..not just here but in Costa Rica as well, I have prayed for God to put someone in my path so that I could be a blessing to them....each time he did. However, I ended up receiving just as much or more of a blessing than the ones I wanted to help. Final thought before I close.....Have you ever asked God to put someone in your path?.....has he? did you respond or say I will do it next time? never know until you take that step or say that first word just how your life can change with doing something for someone else.
  It may just be you who can stop or continue "The Pay It Forward for THE LORD".

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