Team Honduras

Monday, February 28, 2011

Invited to Breakfast......

Last week Mark and I were in a whirl-wind so to speak. With the contractions not stopping and having to go back to the doctor thoughts to leave much earlier had entered our minds. The doctor had told us that if I were to dilate at all here, he would put me on bed rest in the hospital until Micah was born. So, with that said; we quickly started to think that maybe we should just go ahead and leave.

Mid week, I received an email from a friend here named Esther. She had invited us to breakfast/brunch since we were getting ready to leave. However, after the invite Mark and I really did not have peace about leaving and prayed and asked God for guidance. He layed it on both of our hearts that "Micah and I" would be okay and that he would take care of things. Plus, after starting the new medication I have been contraction free "PRAISE the LORD".

Well, Saturday approached and I was excited to go over to Esther and Adam's house for many reasons. One they are a very sweet couple whom we have become friends with and second I was so ready to see something other than the four ways of my house. (Bed rest is not my cup of

Adam came to pick us up....(they have a car...something only a few people have here, Gringos anyway). so that I would not have to walk. Once we arrived Esther greeted us at the door and led me inside and much to my "SURPRISE" there in the midst of her living room sat 20 ladies /friends from ILE or the language school. I know that there are many who wanted to be there but could not. They had organized a surprise baby shower for me.

This actually was something that was weighing on my heart...not being with my friends and family from home to share in this wonderful occassion. Being on the mission field and well.....this is really a transition field before Honduras it is often hard to do things like this because people are always coming and going. However, my new friends here blessed me beyond belief. Not only did we hear from God's word and pray but we just had a wonderful time of fellowship together. We received a few items and cards  for baby Micah and the ladies all chipped in to buy 3 things off of my Target Baby Registry. One of those things we really needed which was the pack and play to use as a bassinet until we could get a crib. It was such a blessing to be able to share this time with new friends.

The one really exciting thing is that each of these ladies will go off with her family (and there are a few single ladies) that will start a new ministry sharing God's word in another Latin American Country. We will be able to keep in touch and pray for one another as we begin a new chapter in our lives. God is so wonderful at putting people in your life just when you need them. There have been many ladies here at ILE that have come and gone that have been a part of my life here for this year. But, for me it is so exciting to think that I really do have friends "ALL OVER THE WORLD". Thank you to each of you that made Saturday possible it was such a blessing and a time that I will never forget.


  1. Oh how fun and what a lovely surprise Amy:) God really supplies all of our needs doesn't He? I was on 3 months of bed rest with both of my big is truly no fun...praying for you sweet girl.

  2. Very nice - - it brought a smile to my face to see how God continues to look after you - - and things are working according to HIS plans. the george