Team Honduras

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Top 20 List of Unusual Things..................

 This is just a "For Fun" list of our top 20 things we had to adjust to here in Costa Rica. I thought that this would be fun to share since we only have 7 weeks left here before we move. Some of you will probably not get some of these but to us it was pretty strange at first to get use to. The kids had a part in helping create this list too.

#20 Seeing mopeds deliver Pizza, Burger King, McD's and other fast foods
#19 Ice Cream made from vegetable oil
#18 Taking a taxi, bus or walking everywhere we go
#17 Not having a big yard to enjoy
#16 Milk in a box
#15 Not being able to walk places at night
#14 Listening to preaching in Spanish
#13 Being woke up by cats fighting on your roof when you think that it is someone trying to break-in
#12 Watching for "Gringo traps" or  open storm drains
#11 Earthquakes (our biggest was a 6.2)
#10 No Hot water in the kitchen or any sink
#9 Rain ALL THE time
#7 Watching your you dont step in dog poo on the sidewalks
#6 No Front Door on our house
#5 Having to take keys everywhere you go to Open and Lock all the gates behind you
#4 A Man in his car driving down the road selling eggs, screamming Dos Mil por 30 huevos
#3 Cat poo on your roof.....everywhere...,
#2 500 colones =$1US
#1 No toilet paper in the toilets

These are just a few of the things that we had to adjust to living here in Costa Rica...We thought that we would share them with you to give you a little laugh and an insider view of our daily lives. Hope that you enjoy reading.


  1. Wow - - -cool - but glad I live in the US of A the george

  2. Wow - sounds like there's definitely a bit of culture shock involved! I'd like to see those mopeds scooting around with their delivery of Big Macs!

  3. Gotta love that last one! Travis would definitely have a hard time with #19. ;)

  4. Tracy-yes it is a sight to see and they deliver KFC as and Julie- Travis wouls die here b/c it is mostly veggies around here with rice and beans (which of coarse are a veggie).....:)

  5. Good move putting the TP at #1! The funniest is when you go back to the States and realize you are putting it in someone's trashcan out of habit...;) Reverse culture shock...that's another post, I guess!

  6. Yeah, no TP is wild, along with no paper towels either. Wiping your wet hands on your pants does not work too well because they can end up being just as dirty as your hands were. :)

    If it helps, the dog poo got me twice in one walk a couple of weeks ago.