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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time for Bed

    Each night before we go to bed we have a time of family devotion and prayer. We have been studying the book of Daniel and we have also been reading through the minor prophets. Currently, we are reading in Joel. After, we read and have our time of devotion we take prayer requests and pray as a family.

Since, I am on bed rest I am in the bed all the time. :Last night I was not really tired but I had my head down. Josiah said, "Mommy are you sleepy?" I said "maybe a little." He replied with, "Mommy we can not go to sleep .....we have to read the Bible". My head lifted and I started to talk back with him. "You are exactly right, Josiah, we have to read our Bibles before we fall asleep". Josiah will not be 3 until April however, it fills my heart with JOY in just knowing that he has already grabbed a hold of the concept of spending time in God's word and in prayer.

Shortly after that he said these words..."open your Bibles"....made me think of many pastors who say those words on a regular basis. Could Josiah grow up to be a great preacher....sure with God anything is possible. I remember when I was pregnant with him and everytime we were in our home church and Brother Jeff would preach....Josiah would jump and kick and move as if to say he was "Amening from inside." It was just sweet to hear him say those sweet words. He watched until we all had our Bibles open ready to start.

 While we all take turns reading one after the other Josiah wants to read as well. He usually looks at his Bible and throws out something about the picture that is in his little Bible book....something like God made this...or God loves me....or sometimes even random funny stuff. Never the less he feels apart of what we are doing.

    Most nights he stays awake to hear the story and to pray...(which he wants to lead.) We let him start and then one of us follow after. Very sweet, becasue he talks about his friends at school, "Bena" (our empleada) and many others. But last night he was so tired that he fell alseep on his Bible.

I challenge you all that have small children or any children living in your home (or even grandkids) that you set up a time when you all can fellowship together in God's word. It will make a differance and they will pick up this habit and when they are raising their own children they will have a gift to share just like you shared this great gift with them.

"Train up a child in the way he should go:and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6


  1. You could be raising the next Billy Graham. Somehow that really would be normal for your house. The george

  2. Bless his heart!! You're doing such a great job of getting your family into God's Word.