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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coconuts anyone......

Today, we had to go and visit Angie's grandma and grandpa because the tiller cracked and Don Chipa is a welder. However, when we got there he was not home he was out working. Angie's grandma began to tell us how Angie use to climb the trees and get the mangos and coconuts down for her. Now, that she lives her she does not have anyone to do that. So, with that said Mark found a long ...long stick and started to poke the coconuts to get them to fall. I think he was able to hit 3 or 4 down and then her Uncle got home and helped with the rest. They helped knock down the coconuts and got a few green mangos as well and then helped to weld the tiller back together. As we were leaving her grandma called and said "hey, don't forget your coconuts". I replied, "no they are yours". Well, she would not let us leave without them. So, we brought home 10 coconuts and the kids had a field day. I have posted some pictures of them enjoying them. I tried it....but warm...ugh...not my favorite thing...the meat itself was good though but not like the sweetened stuff we use to make coconut cream pies....ummmmmmI sure could use a coconut cream pie from Tabatha Tutor...any of my friends who know her....know that she makes the best mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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