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Friday, May 18, 2012

It is the Little things.....

Having a house full of children with all different backgrounds can be challenging sometimes. However, we treat all the children the same. They all have to obey the same rules, they need to all use their manners....yes we teach them to say the following: Yes, Ma'am, No, Ma'am, No Sir and Yes, Sir....Please and Thank you. We think that this is very important and the sad thing is that many parents even if the states do not inforce this type of courtesy. It is an everyday reinforcement but the children are doing a great job. In fact, this next thing may even bring tears to some of your eyes.

Sunday was Mother's Day's and Elvin went home to spend the day with his momma and grandmother as well as some other relatives. They ate lunch and had a great time. Later that afternoon his momma stopped by the pulperia ( a small in home 7/11) and bought him a Coke. He turned to his momma and said, "Thank you momma for the drink". She was in shock.....this was the first time his nine years that he had said THANK YOU without having to be told to say it. She was overjoyed at what she heard. It still works just have to be willing to teach it.

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  1. Dear Amy, We will be keeping you and Mark and all your children in prayer. I can only imagine the struggles of raising your children and all of the other children who live at the home. I will pray that God will give each child the eyes to see that He is always at work and has fearfully and wonderfully made them as it says in His word in Psalm 139:14. This morning We read and have been meditating on it ever since, Proverb 19:11< "The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook a transgression." this is from the NKJV, the NIV, "A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense." I think it is easier to understand the meaning of offense. I clearly see how strife can easily arise in a family unit when we are not walking in His Word because we can be so easily offended. I like the Spanish translation for overlooking an offense: Es su gloria a pasar por alto y ofensa. and for a man's wisdom giving him patience:
    La sabidurĂ­a de un hombre le da paciencia. Muchas Gracias for fighting the good fight of the faith Coats family we are praying for you on your journey. Love, The Triba Family