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Monday, May 28, 2012

A step in the Right Direction.....

It is so awesome to see how the kids are growing and changing. Since they have all moved in the home they have started new daily routines. Each morning, the kids wake up and have their "God and I" time at 6:30 in the morning. During this time they read their Bibles and devotions and pray.  They have also started to pray at every meal and recite a Bible verse in Spanish and in English. To close out our day we have a family devotion time and pray as a family. This is the time where we read our Bible aloud as a family as well as take special prayer requests.  A few weeks ago Mark talked with the kids about their spiritual life and if they had trusted Christ as their Savior and then asked them if they had been baptized. Well, Junior and Elvin both said that they had trusted Christ but had not followed in believer's baptism. We are proud to say that they were both baptized on Sunday and another blessing that day was that Elvin's uncle trusted Christ 2 weeks ago and was also baptized the same day. Pray for these guys as they are the future here in Honduras.

Elvin and Pastor Matt
Junior and Pastor Matt

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  1. So exciting to see the fruit of your ministry! May God continue to bless!