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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Belkis giving me her gift/combined with Carlolina's

Angie giving me her gift
 What a great Mother's started a little earlier than I would have liked. At 3 am we were awakened by a large BOOM! Followed by loud voices of children. I was trying to figure out what the boys were doing out of bed. However, when we opened the windows it was full of people in the back of a truck shouting on loud speakers "FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE"....Happy Mother's Day! and blowing of horns. After that it was a little hard to get back to sleep but luckily the kids were all still alseep.

Once we were all awake, I was showered with gifts. The girls in the home had been asking for jobs to earn money fo something special. Each of them treated me with a special gift of my favorite things. It was so sweet to see their thoughtfulness. Taylor and Hunter gave me wonderful gifts as well. Mark purchased my ticket to fly home for my sister's wedding in August. That was a huge surprise fo me and I know that it will be a great trip because my family and our friends in North Carolina have never met Micah. This will be his second trip to the states.

Taylor giving me her gift

Josiah giving the best gift of all....."Mommy you're the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!"
I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope that you all did as well.

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day - so happy for you!!