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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boys will be Boys

I knew that if I ever had boys I wanted them to be boys.....I wanted them to love the outdoors and all that fun stuff that little boys can experience. Well, my boys are boys and they are teaching the Hope boys to be boys as well. After classes each day they run for the hills so to speak. Well, really it is the cow Here they hunt for iguana or search for rabbits. They also climbed into a tree and discovered some good ole honeycomb. Needless to say that they all need good baths once they come in for the night. I have enclosed a picture of the latest catch which we were able to give to a family in our church. I talked them today and that was their breakfast for this morning.  What a great way to be a blessing to those who need a little extra help and all the boys have enjoyed the hunt.
Hunter and Junior with their catch

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