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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everyone Needs to Have Fun Sometimes!

My favorite picture from the day...Elvin caught having a good time!

Micah worn out from the playing in the pool!
 Since we have had the kids in the home life surely has changed. We have daily devotions, English Class, Spanish tutoing and then just a busy life. Well, everyone needs to have some fun but fun comes with a price tag. We do not really have any parks here in Honduras so we thought we would scope out a local pool. Since people work everyday and only have time for leasure on the weekends it was a great option for us. We knew we would be pretty much alone. So, we headed out on Thursday for a fun day. Thanks to a person who donated some money for us to use for a fun we were able to spend the day at the pool. The owner was such a blessing and said that he was there to serve us....since we were serving the people of Honduras by helping the children. What a blessing that was. We had a great time and everyone was worn out when we returned home.  We would like to take the kids to the beach in the future or to the zoo. They have never really had a family vacation like most of us "Americans" are use too. If you would like to help with a vacation fund please email me or send donations to our stateside address:

Hope Children's Home
c/o Mark and Amy Coats
11415 Hope International Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

in the memo write Hope of Honduras/ Family Vacation Fund

Thanks for all your help, support and prayers.

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