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Friday, May 18, 2012

What is THAT????

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We are always getting new kinds of fruits, seeds and things to try here. The latest thing is a fruit called "Paternas". It is a long flat, green pea-pod looking thing. When you open it up it has these funny looking seeds inside that have a white fuzzy and fleshy fruit covering it. The fruit taste more like eating a wet cotton ball that has been lightly soaked in sugar water......yeah...not to appealing to the taste buds. However, the girls informed me that if you boil the green funny looking part in salt water they are rather tastey. Well, I was alittle skeptical.....hmmmmm.....however, I did try them....and the more I ate them the more I really liked them. I kept thinking...I know this flavor.....I have tasted this before. Then, it hit me....I am a girl from the was the same as a boiled peanut. A new favorite thing for me because I love boiled peanuts. I have posted some pictures for you to see just what it looks like.

This is what they look before you open them

The inside of a Paterna the white fuzzy flesh

You peel off the white flesh part and then cook the part that looks like a small alien.

This is what it looks like after you seperate the two parts and cook the pods.

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