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Monday, May 28, 2012

Teaching Boys how to Be Good Men.....

One of the goals of our home here is to teach the kids that the importance of working hard. We want each them to be better and more knowledgable than when they came. We have a total of four boys here in the home and with our three that makes seven. Now, Micah he is too little to work right now considering he just turned 1 but the others all have jobs to do inside and outside the house. When these boys came to us we are not sure they ever did anything for themselves other than sleep and play. Now, they make their own beds and clean their own rooms. (Yes, boys can clean and makes their own beds...if you teach them and train them to do so). We are very proud at how they work together to help each other out.

Today, Mark and the boys went outside to cut the grass, They started super early and with 10 acres of land that is alot of grass cutting. However, the boys were eager to help get it done. It was so amazing to see the boys outside working. Today, Elvin was pushing the mower when he mom walked up to bring something for him. She was overwhelmed with pride as she watched her son push a mower and work hard. He has never done physical work is in his life. That was like witnessing a miracle for her. He use to sleep until 10 or 11 each day and here it is 11 and he has been up and outside cutting grass since 6. If we want the boys to grow up and want to care for their families we must train them now to learn to work and to work hard. Here are a few pictures of the boys working hard.

David and Jareth working together to make their beds.

The side of the property Mark cutting on the riding mower

Mark and Elvin mowing

Hunter mowing in front of the church

Junior with the weed-eater

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